Unleash the Power of Intention in your Brand

Part 3 of 3: Where am I going?


Where am I going?

At this point most of us, and people in the western world are aware of the role that brands play in our lives. They’re like friends. Mates… soul mates. Perhaps not quite. But recognize how our favorite brands meet our needs, we depend on them, enjoy and care about them. We develop a bond, and innately trust them.

This is why the intentions motivating a brand are best when they come from a human heart. Like in relationships, there’s an intuitive part of us that can tell if it’s not… and eventually it will come out in the relationship.

*Blows the dandelion fluff into the wind*

Because of that, we can sense if something is connected to an thoughtful intention, or is trying to catch our impulse to buy with only slick messaging or compelling design. Like in a relationship, it doesn’t feel good. BUT when there’s heart behind it, and we align with it, the connection can be magnetic, even healing.

Being intentional is about giving your

full creative attention to the

present moment.


It’s time to integrate.

Essentially we have an ability, with practice, to choose and create from a deliberate place. To set clear intentions and take actions in alignment with them. It doesn’t mean the outcome will be exactly as we expect, but creating an atmosphere of mindfulness through the process and culture of production can bring about an effect of respect and trust from our clients, customers, or audience.

We’re not in the age of Mad Men advertising anymore, it’s a new age and a time of becoming aware of, and receptive to our intentions. A time of letting our attention be guided by our intention as we develop and evolve in our work, contributions, cultural co-creation. It’s about connecting with what is meaningful, creating, growing and communicating it. It’s about being a conscious creator, rather than an unconscious consumer.   

In creating brands with client’s, while we strongly value creating a brand that is beautiful, a brand that is an expression of our client’s unique message and way of being, one that is as original as a snowflake in the voice and visuals – it all begins with the intention within the brand. It is here with an unrivaled purpose, and from here the spirit and psychology unfold to reveal it’s values, mission and vision, before its visual expression.

A brand’s intention aligns us with our higher-purpose (aim), and serves as a touch stone to keep us focused through the overarching journey (unfolding plan) of brand creation.

Effects of intention:

Clarity of focus & attention on the task at hand

Trust, with yourself, team & audience

Your intention


How can intentions make a difference in the art of branding?

Intention in branding (or anything) can:

  • Focus our attention
  • Deepen our awareness, and thus our potential to create impact
  • Guide us to make choices that are aligned with personal truth and what is authentic for the time and place, over trends, and shiny object distractions.
  • Create more meaningful and effective results
  • Unearth transparency with our market peers and communities about what we are creating
  • Build trust between businesses, their clientele and communities
  • Consequently, catalyze a more trusting world


Ground zero of re/creating a brand begins with understanding your core idea, and setting intentions, and creating goals in alignment with those intentions for what you wish to achieve.


3 tips for setting a clear intention.

Keep it:

  • Simple
  • Positive
  • Present


Deliver Practical Value.


So, who are you? Why are you here? Where are you going?

For an intention activation exercise, download our intention action, HERE.


I hope this series helped you clarify what intention is, to have awareness of yours, and how to begin to unleash it’s power within your branding.

May you explore your intentions, let them infuse your actions, and that their fulfillment be realize in your life. Thank you for reading!


Yours truly,


Brand Creation Strategist

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