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Website Design

You may be a small to medium size business owner, a wellness center, high vibe start up, a travel or eco-friendly clothing line in need of an online booking system or webshop. You may be a therapist, body worker, yogi, musician, artist, or psychic, in need of a brochure style webpage. Whether you need a landing page, class or appointment booking system, or online shop, we’ve got you covered.

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Branding is an art of self and service expression… of creating and living your message. Our intention is developing a brand that is a reflection of your Nature. We facilitate the creative branding process and will be as involved as your intentions decide. Design work is included for some packages. We offer simple to comprehensive brand re/creation packages.

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Graphic Design

Designing logos, brand-expressive icons, e-books, fliers, and social media or newsletter templates are some of the graphic design work we would be delighted to help you with.

Service-investment pricing is available depending on your initiative. Contact us to tell us what you want to create, and request a quote.



Blog writing and creating copy for branded content, websites and internal business communications is available in individualized packages, as a reflection of your unique goals, intentions, and needs.

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Consultation services are part of our brand and website creation bundles. Strategic consultation services for realigning existing brand or website presence is available and packages are customized based on individual intentions, goals, and needs.

Hourly or packages curated in alignment with your needs are available. Contact us to request service-investment pricing.

What others say

"Working with Tiina on a new branding for my practice and the designing of a new website has been an absolute delight!! Tiina held the space and guided me through and incredible process of discovery. She does more than the technical development of marketing pieces. She really helped me dig deep and trust the timing and process. The result is a beautiful website, business cards and other materials that express who I am and what my practice offers people. Working with Tiina not only resulted in this wonderful outward expression, it was a meaningful process of self discovery along the way."

Kim Pilgrim, Craniosacral Therapist at Moving in Harmony Craniosacral Therapy, LLC



"Tiina has a calming presence, she is solid; she speaks her truth in a way that brings light to situations. She is a nurturer: of growth and happiness. 🦅 We have been extremely lucky to have her guide Eagle’s Nest through a process of articulating values and setting the tone for beautiful interactions. She has guided us through a series of interactive workshops to create a beautiful vision for Eagle’s Nest."

Shelly Mcconochie, Social Media at Eagle's Nest

"I am an herbalist and Ayurveda consultant by trade. This work keeps me busy in the wild nature and with the public. My work requires balance between the two. Trying to do my own marketing and branding would have disrupted the balance, therefore that necessary part of my work was being neglected. Luckily Tiina stepped in like a magician and embraced that part of my world. I am incredibly happy and proud of the new website she has designed plus my brand book looks fantastic!"

Justine Cederberg, Ayurvedic Consultant at PRASAD

"I could not have asked for a more intuitive web designer than Tiina. We would sit together and talk, Tiina would ask questions and a little while later I would get suggestions on texts and designs based on those conversations. I feel Tiina was very skilled at reading my hopes for the site and then translating them into visuals. I am so very pleased with both the cooperation and the product and I can highly recommend her work to anyone who needs a website that is functional, beautiful and well working! Please go look for yourself!"

Tove Palmgren, 2,000hr Purna Yoga Teacher


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