Holistic Branding

Is it right for you?

Let’s get straight to the point, and get clear about what IS a BRAND?


A brand is more than a logo.

It’s more than the fonts and colors and images you choose.

These ARE important elements to communicate your essence, to share your vibe and emotions, to visually express your alignment with your clientele and tribe, however, it’s something more than that.


A brand, like each and every person, animal, and living thing IS:


  • AN EXPRESSION OF LIFE. Your brand is a representation of who you are and what you stand for, it’s an expression of your values. It tells something about what matters to you and the attitude you have towards it. It’s an expression of how you feel about yourself and others. Your brand is how you express your story and share the lesson and gifts you’ve learned along the way. It’s how you express your vibe, style, energy, and who you want to be with your clientele, tribe, and the world. Building a brand is a creative venture. It’s the art of creating and living your Nature and message… on multi-media platforms.


  • A CONNECTION WE MAKE. Your brand is how others recognize and relate to you. It’s the impression you make that creates meaning with, and lingers in the minds and hearts of your tribe and clientele. Your brand attracts like-minded people who resonate with your service because of who you are. They connect with you because you are able to meet their needs in some way. Whether it’s through the inspiration of your energy and message, the experience of your service, treatment, or program, or, a physical product that is benefiting, shifting, or elevating their life… you are creating connection.


  • VALUED, POTENTLY & UNIQUELY. Brand’s express their wisdom, creativity and expertise, and create credibility with their clients, communities, and peers through their service, product, or program experiences. Branding a way of introducing yourself through digital platforms, and developing a resonance, empathy, trust and likability through the emotion, story, and style shared through your brand.


How do you receive and treat the brands in your life?

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.”


Holistic Branding 

Holistic branding is something we aspire to create at Nectar, with the intention of addressing the wholeness of the brand, it’s relationships with others, and the future… in order to tell it’s complete story. Holistic branding is an inside-out, integrated approach to service-expression. It’s something we’ve created at Nectar, as a result of studying holistic therapies and personal development, in tandem with marketing, branding, the ways of commerce and media culture.

In holistic branding, we intentionally address all of the components that co-create a brand, focusing first on the goals and values, aspirations and intentions  at the heart of your brand’s character. It can be transformational for you, the entrepreneur or enterprise undergoing it… you will leave with greater confidence in the presence and expression of living your brand, and how you grow and thrive on the entrepreneurial journey.


A brand is more than a logo.

It’s more than the fonts and colors and images chosen.

In each brand there is an expression of something beyond the visual that is motivating it’s presence.


A unique vitality that fits into the whole

At Nectar, we consider the inspiration to brand as a seed of creativity seeking to be birthed into and expressed in the world – whether it’s YOU and your service, or a business you own. Like any being on this planet, it has a unique purpose, vitality, and aesthetic – a way of being that fits into the whole. The essence of a brand has a heart and a mind and intentions and motivations. A brand offers a service for a specific audience, and is part of a culture among cultures; it has a vision for a greater expression for itself, and a distinctive way of doing that.

We consider that the creative expression of visuals and verbal are equally as important as the function. Together they carry the purpose of the brand. Herein we extend through the WHOLE being of the brand – what it is and isn’t, and its’ guaranteed and potential influence in the lives of and relationships with others… of its’ clientele, community, culture, and earth as a whole.

The holistic brand creation journey includes 7 steps, each complete with micro actions:

  1. Reveal your brand essence
  2. Attune with your soul mate clientele and tribe
  3. Tap into community and cultural awareness
  4. Define your current contributions
  5. Expand on your greater vision
  6. Create your verbal expression
  7. Design your visual expression

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”


Holistic branding IS for …

  • Coaches, therapists, entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and enterprises who have a practical or inspired curiosity or need to take the next step to grow or market their business, service, program, or practice.
  • People who value originality – those who are fueled to expand. If you love to  tap into your individuality AND universality, holistic branding helps to reveal your authentic uniqueness and teaches you how to best express that.
  • Individuals, creators, yogis and coaches who want to realize personal clarity and express their truth in order to step deeper into the most authentic expression of who they are and what they believe.
  • People who are willing to shift, heal and grow in order to be able to unearth and break through any resistances that arise along the entrepreneurial journey.
  • The kind of people who want to experience their natural abundance – financially, mentally, emotionally, creatively.
  • People and enterprises who care about the collective, and consider the impact their service has on other people and the planet as a whole.
  • Transformational entrepreneurs and enterprises who feel a deep sense of purpose or passion, and want to let it live and sing!

Holistic branding is NOT…

  • About being perfect, looking or doing things a certain way or adapting yourself to fit into the crowd.
  • About creating an unrealistic image of who you are and what you do… trying to be something you’re not.
  • About being or expecting to be idealistically happy.
  • Based on materialism.
  • Based on making money for the sake of making money.
  • For people who want to follow trends (although we seek knowledge and inspiration from the latest news, what’s happening in our communities and the world, case studies to reflect on, this is not the intention or goal)

We hope this clarifies what branding is and is not about, and how our holistic approach is unique. If you have any interested thoughts or questions about this topic, we would love to hear from you!


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