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Be you.

Authenticity is magnetic, in life and branding.

Nectar offers simple and comprehensive brand and website creation services for conscious entrepreneurs, integrative practitioners, and change makers seeking to express and expand.

Our services include logo design, brand identity, content creation, website design, and consultation that can be curated to fit your individual needs. Reveal and communicate your brand’s unique offering in order to connect with and inspire your clients!

Start by expressing your natural characteristics     

we tune-in to our archetypes     

Archetypes are timeless and universal qualities of human behavior that tell us something about our values, motivations, innate talents… and what unique challenges we might encounter on the transformational journey of entrepreneurship (and life).


We co-create brands & websites,

aligned with your Nature.

We believe you have a vision within you and dedicate ourselves to providing a strategy and consultation services for it to unfold and come to life. Get ready to dive into the journey! It’s a step-by-step creative process of creation and transformation… turning your idea into a plan, and your plan into reality.

Our approach integrates the timeless and universal qualities of archetypes and the Laws of Life, along with psychology and design principles. We work through an online-format of video conferencing, so meetings are flexible and schedule unfolds organically.

Services for communicating

your presence.

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Brand Identity

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About the Team

At Nectar we are passionate about providing services for entrepreneurs to unlock and express their Natural Essence, purpose, and potential… digitally. The concept was created when a soul team first connected on a transformational trip in San Marcos, Guatemala.


Our Heart-Centered Works

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